Some of our customers share the experience on how DATACRM has helped to accelerate growth their businesses, stay connected and be more productive. They confirmed already that this is the best CRM tool to manage their sales and clients.

All our advisers are in different cities and for us is very important to be able to centralize business management in one place, with DATACRM software our company is not only making business proposals, also our advisors are reporting their daily negotiations using the mobile Apps.

We have been using the DATACRM application for more than three years, which facilitates visibility report of sale opportunities at every stage of the business, to prioritize the most important, make better decisions and close deals.

The reporting process has been optimized, by not having the information centralized was tedious for management to generate such reports every week. Thanks to DATACRM and its powerful indicators, we can generate weekly and daily reports, improving business management.

Part of the business processed by Ekip is that its engineering group perform the respective quotations and provide the contribution to Sales so they’ll be able to continue with the vending process, DATACRM and mobile application were adapted to this process therefore a request sent by Sales through the APP will make its engineering group react instantly and send back the respective quotation.

DATACRM helps to have control of chronological data recording of the students taking courses, maintaining customers loyalty.

DATACRM helps streamline and centralize information of their business executives and keeps the loyalty of current customers.

Since the company is expanding across the country, managing the entire sales force had become a tedious task, with the DATACRM mobile application, Sales force can handle customers and take control of your entire business process in real-time.

Facilitates the sales process in all its phases, including the quotation which is handled by their business executives from the platform, keeping a historical record of customers behavior.

Losing business due to lack of control can not be tolerated in any company, the sellers agenda was not suffice to close business. With DATACRM they managed to automate our business process and sales results were reflected significantly.

The organization and control are vital to Informese and is precisely here where DATACRM provides a powerful solution to achieve targets, helping to optimize the customer service and sales force.

Olimpia comes from a home development, which was not sustainable through time, was not getting the necessary resources for management to understand how its sales team behave. DATACRM is responsible for making data migration from the old system and leave the system running, so each seller can report the details of each of their negotiations, make contributions and have indicators that allows them to prioritize their management.

Both Marketing and Commercial Management is extremely important to know where your customers are coming, what are the most requested cars and how is behaving traffic week after week on each of the points of sale. With DATACRM the sales advisors of the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, SEAT, Skoda y AUDI) register basic information from customers and business to organizedly trace each of the affairs.

Sales force and customer tracking: Propound goals and targets to each company member is essential to Ladrillera Prisma and is there where DATACRM takes charge of centralizing the seller’s information optimizing the sales process, providing tracking and customer service.

Sales management of pre-sale and post-sale of medical equipment, DATACRM adjusted and customized to ART needs to make tracking of the commercial pre-sale and post-sale to their clients, automatizing sales force processes

Propound goals and targets for each member of the company is imperative to Makser, is there where DATACRM takes charge of centralizing the seller’s information optimizing the sales process, providing tracking and customer service

For the National Federation of Biofuels, the email marketing offered by DATACRM has been a quick and effective solution for communicating with their customers through mass mailing of your biweekly newsletters

In Fundacion Colombia Excelente having an organized database of its customers to manage the business process effectively is what they were looking when they found DATACRM to address these needs. In Fundacion Colombia a telemarketing process is performed to initiate the commercial process and details of every negotiation are reported in the system, helping to understand which of the deals are more important in order to close them.

For Solutions Group the sales process is closely linked to several parallel processes that help management while negotiation is walking through its phases of sale. DATACRM helps them to integrate business process into design processes, costs and operation so that in one place the information all negotiations is centralized, making more dynamic and orderly the business management. Given the complexity of each negotiation and the lots of time that takes to work up each deal, DATACRM has become an indispensable day to day tool for the Solutions Group because thanks not only to its self management on every business, but also gives light to future cash flows and where it should prioritize its management to management

For TEXSA is very important every visit their commercial advisors make to clients, is at this point where DATACRM helps to manage the sales force agenda, suggesting the frequency and main objective of visits to each customer, then consolidate reports and indicators that allows management to make decisions and change strategies

In Optics and Ophthalmics is important to keep track of seller visits and the orders generated day by day. DATACRM allows traceability of such orders and expedite this process by making more effective business management